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February and March Newsletter

Center hours are 8am to 4pm

Monday through Friday


· Wednesday coffee is free at the center till noon

· Free Root beer Float Thursday (Free 1pm to 3 pm sponsored by our generous Pool Players) Every Thursday

· Aerobics Every Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays start at 8:30 end about 9:30 am. Cost is $5.00 per month.

· Pool practices every afternoon

· Bingo is every Tuesday at 1 pm. We welcome any donated white elephant prizes!

· Craft club meets 3RD Friday of each month. Project/cost to be determined but is usually around $5.

· Footcare is scheduled 3rd Mondays February 21st and March 21st. Please call to schedule appointment. The cost is $5.00.

· Blood Pressures can be taken on these footcare days.

· New! Hearing checks on footcare days by Precision Hearing on our Footcare days once a month.

· Cards: 10-point pitch, Phase 10 are now ongoing. Times vary.

· Dominos (Mexican Train) have groups Friday 12:00.

· Friendship meals are served 11:30 AM Mon thru Fri

· First Friday Book Club meets 9 am once a month. call with questions. They are looking for new members.

· Board meetings are 3rd Wednesday each month

Looking to form a needle work circle? Is anyone interested?

Coffee groups are welcome any time!

Coffee is 25 cents a cup here at the center.

Transportation is now free to the center. Join us for lunch!


Bus runs 8am until 3:30pm Mon-Fri

Just call 241-1848 to reserve a time and our friendly TLC drivers will pick you up at your door. Drop offs anywhere in town. Dr. appts, shopping, work- just $1.00 per way. This is regular public transportation and any age can ride. We also have a handicap accessible lift for your convenience. Federal regulations mandate Masks are required to ride the bus. No Exceptions.

Just a reminder to try and schedule the day before to reserve the time you desire.

Any rides to the senior center are free.

Our Scheduled Shopping days:

Dillon’s Trips: Mon 10:00 am as well as Thurs 1:30 pm Walmart Trips: Tue-Wed-Fri 1:30 pm as well as Thurs 10:00 am

To save money our Punch Tickets are available and are pretty handy, please call 241-1848 or ask our helpful drivers Terry or Davina for more information.

Cost are $10 and $20 dollars for 11 and 22 rides.

We do distribute monthly commodities for those seniors who meet our income guidelines. Dates vary so call us at 620.241.1848 for more information.

Silver Spoon Kitchen Project! $4,275 Raised to Date!

We are getting closer to completing our kitchen. Thanks to generous donors such as the Cedars, Troy Wiens, the Reuse It Center, as well as one very generous anonymous equipment donor, we are well on our way. Thank you also to Sunflower Restaurant supply as we meet our dreams.

Thanks to all who continue to donated to date.

A wish list includes stainless tables, ice machine, salad bar,

warmers, tables and chairs.

Special thanks to Jeanie Kirby and Frances Duren helping me out with our craft Lab the third Friday each month. Not an easy assignment! Jeanie also does our Bingo calling on Tuesday. These Ladies are really special to the center (and me!)

Annual 2022 Meeting will be Wednesday Jan 19th at noon. To date, we have two wonderful candidates to be nominated for our board

Olivia Fetsch and Mary Steffes. Both are looking forward to serving on our board. Please join us.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES CALL 241-1848 Needed-Friendship meal delivery and kitchen help Call 241-0160 ask for Connie Commodity bagging and carry out once a month Call 241-1848

Web page



Friendship Meals are available by calling

241-0160 a day in advance to reserve.

If your over 60, a suggested donation per meal is $3.00.

Available for pick up each day or eat in our dining room!

Meals served promptly at 11:30 am

Monday thru Friday.

See daily meals on our attached activity calendar

The Exercise Room is open all the time. We have two treadmills, a recumbent bike, an eliptic, bikes as well as other machinery.

Come enjoy some privacy while you work out.

We are collecting birthdays! Call us with yours!

Celebrating their February Birthdays

*Karen Sumner*Dale Fishback*Rhonda Redger*Fred Roelfs*

*Jeanie Kirby*Howard Overton*Kenneth Lindblade*Frances Duren*

Dena Williams*Don Carroll*Terry Renberger*William Case*Connie Burks*

Celebrating their March Birthdays

*Judith Seely*Hope LaRose*Helen Moenich*Robert Hulvey*Barbara Vogts*Susie Christenson*Gary Hime*Lawana Hepford*Cecilia Fry*Cathy Gilliam*

Hope Biles*Janelle Hunt*Kathleen Becker*Pat Burke*Mary Ann Myers*

*LaDonna Hill*Jimmy Miller*Mike Reed*Ruth Hill*

Happy Birthday to everyone above and who we may have missed!

Pool Players Update

Our Pool Players led by Captain Steve Erickson, are a big part of the center. We hosted the Mid Year Tourney Jan 13th. What a great crowd.

Biscuits and Gravy served at home games with a good will donation. Starts 8am.

Pool League game dates:

Feb 17th Here vs Hutchinson Mar 17th Here vs Inman

Mar 31st Here vs Moundridge

Listed below are our February and March Coffee Sponsors.

Cost is $10.00 per month. With this support we are able to offer a free coffee day on Wednesday as well as keep our coffee at 25 cents through the rest of the week.


*Gene Rhue*Gayle Boughfman* Sam Seymore*

*Susan Geren*LaDonna Hill*


*Mary Steffes/Fee Insurance*

*Lanae Powell and Dana Regier/Compass Realty*

*Hospice and Homecare of Reno County*

*Tom Pyle/Pyle Law*

*Hutchinson Clinic in Hutch*

Join us for good coffee and conversation.

Served 1-3pm, Thursday’s Root Beer Float Day is going strong thanks to our incredible Pool Players. These wonderful guys are always ready to chip in a hand to lift, fix things, and have yet to tell me no! Not to mention they bring some laughs and humor to the center. They have stuck with us throughout thick and thin! Much appreciation to Steve Erickson, Dave Orth, Richard Erickson, Dale Mannebach, Lee Cline, Dale Fishback, Terry Unruh, Jerry Almquist, Larry Busby.

Did you know you can rent the Center for your group or event during evenings or weekends? Civic groups there is little or no charge! The center had a lot too offer from our ADA doors, parking, tables and chairs. We also have an extra office to use during business hours with use of our front desk receptionist to greet your clients! Call for details for the $75.00 rate.

Craft Club

Craft Club meets on the 3rd Friday of every month at 9:30 am. Crafts are Friday January 21st and February 21st. Watch our face book for up-and-coming sessions and pics of our projects. November was a pretty little ornament for the tree. December, we made some candy sleighs. January is a bleached heart T shirt project. Planned for February is a Shamrock Gnome. We try to keep the cost at a $5.00 good will donation.

Darlene Johnson has been hired for dispatch and reception in the mornings.

She is doing a fantastic job keeping up with all we are throwing at her.

Stop by and say hi to Darlene!

Friendship Meals is looking for a Kitchen Manager here in McPherson.

Hours are 10 am to 1pm Monday thru Friday. Call Connie at (620) 241-0160.

Position involves No cooking. Just serving food, coordinating volunteers for delivery, some admin work. This position is not affiliated with the McPherson Senior Center.

Senior Center’s Sunny Day 2021 Sponsors:

*Donna Burke*Delomia Hurst*Don Carroll*Manelia and Stan Stephenson*

*Nancy Sellberg *Gayle Boughman*LaVonna Peterson*Rita Gosha*

*Julie Randa*Richard Wakefield*Eugene Rhue*Julia Campbell*

*Dwight and Ruth Hill*Marilyn and Lawrence Sand*Darlene Everhart*

*Mitchell and Joyce Allmon*Rita Pederson*Steve and Loraine Erickson*Francis Duren*Phyllis McNaul*Frances Duren*Friendship Meals*

Not to mention those that wish to remain anonymous, we value your support!

Thank you so much for supporting the center with your cash donations!

We appreciate your support of the seniors in our community.

We are also accepting products like coffee filters, napkins, silverware, coffee and the like for use here at the center. We are also having a great response for white elephant bingo prizes. If you are cleaning out a drawer we may have a need, just drop of here at the center.

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